Show Posters

This is my first attempt at a gig poster, also in memory of a local band that has recently broken up. Very fun to do, and my friend's band (TV Microwave) on the list of bands were very appreciative and ecstatic with how it came out! I had a lot of fun with this one, please let me know what you think!

I occasionally create posters in my free time for different shows around town. I'm a part of the local music scene and as thanks for creating such fun and interesting shows I like to create fun and interesting fliers in hopes to bring in more people. Enjoy!
 A show in memory of the band "Summer Vacation" from California, I was asked to do a beach theme.
I took the term "Space Jam" literally.
My friends in a local Hawaii band called T.V. Microwave had their first West Coast tour and asked me to draft a poster for them, 
the only request was the four of them in a canoe.
Japanaramadingdong is a fundraiser for multiple bands to raise money for a tour in Japan, I offered to make a flier that I drafted up myself.
I also made an Instagram version.
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